Sad panda.

I’m surprised to see people getting rather annoyed at people changing their Facebook profile pictures to cartoon characters. I’m not sure how the whole thing started, however I first saw the message without any kind of charity connection. I’ve since seen it with mentions of the NSPCC or generic child awareness messages.

I changed my picture because I thought it was fun. Seeing other people’s pictures has brought a smile to my face. It’s entertaining to guestimate people’s ages from the cartoons they used to watch. Harmless fun.

Other people have done it for issue awareness reasons, which some people seem to take offence at. I’m trying to figure out how charities receive donations without some form of publicity. If just one person donates a fiver to the NSPCC as the result of these pictures, that’s a fiver that the NSPCC didn’t have before and wouldn’t have had if people hadn’t changed their pictures.

Some people seem to think that such a small gesture is insincere, as it requires so little effort. I don’t understand how making a small gesture is somehow worse than doing nothing at all. It’s like sneering at someone for putting a few coppers into a charity box, while not putting in anything yourself. I’m sure everyone has had their mood lifted because a stranger made the tiny effort to smile at them, or simply be polite. Sometimes just a tiny gesture to show that you do give a damn makes all the difference.

I find it genuinely depressing that, with all the real evil that happens in this world on a daily basis, some people find time to moan about cartoon characters. To moan about people having fun. To moan about people making small, positive gestures. I’m glad that I can take pleasure in such small things and I hope that others learn to do the same.

‘Til the day when all are one. 😉

~ by bigjonno on December 6, 2010.

2 Responses to “Sad panda.”

  1. My issue with it isn’t really about the changing of pictures (although that is a little annoying when you have to hover over everyone’s picture in chat to find out who they actually are), nor is it about the ‘awareness’ campaign that’s sprung up alongside it. My issue is the level of self-righteousness some people seem to have gained from changing their pictures, an attitude which leads to ‘oh you didn’t change your picture, I guess you hate kids then, right?’. Also, I think the copy pasta should have atleast included this link “”, to give atleast a vague possibility of donations.

    As it is, it stands as an instance of so-called fun, with annoying baggage around it.

  2. I can’t say I’ve encountered that kind of self-righteous attitude with regards to the cartoon pictures, but I could certainly see myself writing an entirely different post on the subject if I had. It just shows that there are idiots on both sides of any particular conversation.

    These things work both ways. If you want to join in, go for it, just don’t pressure the people who don’t want to. If you don’t want to, that’s fine too, but don’t moan at the people who do.

    I think it’s pretty simple, but it seems to be way too lovey-dovey/hippyish/reasonable for some.

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