/cast Resurrection

It’s a long time since I posted anything on here. It scares me how close to one of your Earth years it is. However, I have not been idle! Oh no, I actually dragged my arse all the way down to London and I’m now officially Student Scum, taking Education Studies and Game Studies at London Met. Before you ask, yes, Game Studies is a real degree course. No, I don’t get to sit around playing games all day. It’s slightly odd, being a student while also being a husband and a father. I’ve met a wide variety of people in my various classes but, as far as I know, I’m the only dad. Thankfully, I’m far from being the only (or oldest) mature student on my course. I was having nightmares about being surrounded by swarms of eighteen-year-olds who thought that Game Studies would be a good slacker course.

I figured that, since I was getting organised with all this study business, I may as well get organised with my writing too. I still spend way too much time funnelling my gaming thunks into forum posts and replies to other people’s blogs. It may be good practice and I certainly enjoy it, but it won’t help much when I go looking for a job of some description. To that end, I’ve cleared up the site a little, left my older posts that I didn’t feel were completely awful and I’m making a promise to myself to have another crack at keeping this thing updated. Even if I’m just reposting articles from elsewhere, it’ll help me keep all the good pieces I find and my thoughts regarding them in one place.

~ by bigjonno on March 24, 2010.

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