Labour pains

No, this isn’t a post about Gordon Brown.

Microsoft have just announced “Natal,” a video camera-based, controllerless interface. There is a teeny-tiny part of me that is excited about it. A few years ago, I would have been shouting to anyone with in earshot about how “the future had arrived!” and pissing my pants like an over-excited old codger.

Several years of Wii disappointment, however, have made me more sceptical than Agent “I’m exposed to the paranormal on a weekly basis yet I’d still rather believe in bizarre pseudo-scientific theories than actual aliens” Scully. Natal may be the best things since analogue sticks, but I have absolutely no faith in the development community to do anything genuinely revolutionary with it. How many Wii games have we had that weren’t either gimmicky, cash-in shite or perfectly doable with a joypad?

I’m also wondering if I’m the only person slightly disturbed by the name. Okay, the meaning is completely innocuous, but I can’t remember ever hearing the word without “ante-” shoved in front. I keep thinking MS are going to offer classes on how to care for your 360 during her pregnancy.


On a positive note, I’m happy to see MS pulling out all the stops for the conference. I WANT E3 to be a big, brash, overblown affair with moderately seedy undertones. Let all the serious business be done behind closed doors, in private meetings between guys in grey suits. Bring on the spectacle! Everyone loves a show, except for miserable old bastards and nobody gives a monkey’s about them.

~ by bigjonno on June 1, 2009.

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